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COMPANY Introduction
UNITEX has been in the taps & hoses business for the past 15 years. Our plant is located at the well-known tap manufacturing site in Kaiping Guangdong Province. We have presence in many International countries including North & South America, Western Europe & Asia. This makes us believe that we can be a good and strong partner for our clients. 

We have been developing a wide range of products in faucets and complements for different markets. We count with a strong technical and operational networking team in China. “At UNITEX, define a degree of excellence”. Our team always aims at providing the supporting tools to sustain growth in your business in the fierce competitive environment.

We have established an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping our customers happy and providing them with the right products (faucets and hoses) at very competitive prices in accordance with the certification licenses valid in every single destination market.

Our company has a strong development team to offer customers with latest design products, on time delivery and sophisticated manufacturing technology. We carry out the JIT (Just-in-time) management system in our daily operation. In addition, we manage the company in a flexible manner to address various customer’s needs and wants. Our mission is “to be one of the best consumer-driven suppliers in the field and a leading global taps and complements solution.” 

Innovation, design and quality have always been our foundation bases to build and enhance. We strongly believe these essential elements are the core values for a company. With the most advanced technologies that enabling us to lead the trends and respond in a more innovative way the international market needs, time-to-time we wish to inspire the changing of people’s lifestyle, new form of living by offering the innovative design products to our end customers.
The instrument level (A) Brass Ingot, GB 59-1. After polishing, does not allow any impurities, sand holes, cracks, waves and other phenomena, quality requirements are extremely harsh, beyond national standards, fully in line with international standards.
The use of advanced gravity casting process, the faucet housing via Italy IMR gravity casting and sand core molding molding equipment, product structure, casting a close, compact uniformity, smooth surface.
Advanced CNC (automatic machining center), multi-channel processing once processing to ensure the processing of ultra-high precision and processing surface finish, to ensure the long-term sealing performance of the product.
The skilled craftsmen who were using different grade of grinding wheel and wheel polishing step by step treatment on the surface of the product, the delicate and smooth surface. Dozens of processes are completed manually, the mirror effect of the control not only reflects the harsh technical standards, but also reflects the pursuit of excellence in Kermate quality beliefs.
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